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Solstice pics

  Bluetooth module installed behind radio Loading the Trifecta tune!  

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CNC Update 5: Testing interfaces with TurboCNC

Tonight I decided to test out my parallel breakout board and make sure there wasn’t going to be any issues using it to drive the easydrivers. I don’t have the desktop that I plan to use setup yet so I … Continue reading

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Adafruit has released Library for Eagle

Adafruit has released their library of components for Eagle PCB creation software. This includes the shield, so now you can easily design your own shields. They put their release on WWW.GITHUB.COM but it is down now and quite honestly a … Continue reading

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Podcast of Sandboxie

I know this is not exactly electronics related but occasionally I will post some information about other things I have worked with. I am playing with some podcast software and I created a small podcast to show the functions of … Continue reading

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