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CNC Update 2: 3 Functioning stepper drivers on 1 Proto Board!

Yesterday was spent picking up supplies and installing and learning Autodesk 2010. I have never really worked with any CAD program before so this was a challenge. However I was able to learn enough to draft my first item. It … Continue reading

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Crank up the Volts on that Stepper!

I found some larger stepper motors that I had salvaged from a large dot matrix printer years ago. They are rated at 4.4V 1.15 A. However I have discovered that the EasyDriver chops and current limits the output so you … Continue reading

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CNC Update 1 “We Have Motion!”

NOTICE: I CORRECTED ERRORS IN THE CODE AND DESCRIPTION ABOUT MICROSTEPPING AN PULSE DELAY! Videos at the bottom. Ok, a lot has happen this week. I started out with a general ideal of how I wanted to accomplish the X … Continue reading

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Schematic for AC4X Board

I finally had a chance to draw up a quick schematic of the AC4X board. This is just the external hookup schematic for interfacing it to a microcontroller such as the Arduino.

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Ir Ranging added to control delays

I added a couple more lights so you could see the effect better. I still have one output that isn’t being used yet. Also I added a couple of ways to vary the delays in the chase sequence. The first … Continue reading

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