First Drive

Today, Brittany, Gail and I, took the bird out for a little spin. At first the transmission was a little sluggish but when it warmed up it was better. The engine seemed to run really well and sounds awesome! Did a little sanding and primering on the roof today to try to keep it from rusting. It’s funny how quick it started to get surface rust in areas that didn’t have any rust at all while it was in the mountains.

I also bought a few tools that I will be needing. A mig welder, soda blaster, sander, cut-off wheel, HVLP gun, and last but not least a air driven hydraulic pump. Hmm… wonder what that is for, OK I will tell you. I am going to build a hydraulic lift for the car! More to come on this soon.

Right now I am trying to get the SRT done so I can make room in the garage.

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One Response to First Drive

  1. Really enjoyed your recent blog post as well as the one with you by your vintage car. Great site and blog.