72 T/A Tribute Project

Well, I have hit the age in life where I find myself wanting to relive some of my more youthful times. My first Realcar was a 71 T/A clone. Meaning it wasn’t actually a T/A but was dressed up to look like one. It was the white with a blue stripe. I loved that car. However at a time in my life when money was short and my priorities were around getting my first home, I sold it. So now I have decided to build another one. I looked high and low around the central and southern US for a decent starter car but every one I found was extremely rusted or otherwise undesirable. So my search widened. I ended up buying a car from Delta Colorado. My daughter and I drove 2,700 miles round trip in 3 1/2 days to get the car.

Here is what I am starting with:

Fog on the lens gives it a well suited glow 🙂