Roof work

Today I started sanding down the roof. I noticed something right away. As I got the paint away, I started noticing some pretty significant scratches in the metal. At first I thought, crap how did I do that, then I noticed they were under the the original paint. They had used a heavy coating primer to cover them up. So this told me at some point the car had been repainted sometime back and that it most likely had some rust on the roof then. So I started looking and sure enough I found some small areas of pitting around those scratches. Long story short I spent all day sanding on one half of the roof and some glaze putty and gray high build primer, followed by a white primer. That will help when I start blocking. I have a soda blasting rig but I need a larger compressor to run it. I will hopefully find one in the next week or so. Below are some pictures.