Products from Newark

On this page I will review products I have sourced from Newark

My first review from Newark is of the FTDI VF2F2B module.


This module demonstrates the capabilities of the reference design for the Vinculum VNC1L . It is designed as a stand alone module which allows for the back up of files from a digital camera or USB Flash disk onto a target USB Flash disk. This has particular interest to me, as I also manage a logistics company that does a lot of shipping. As part of the shipping process, we photograph each layer of goods that we load into containers and trailers. This is done for quality control purposes. This creates tons of photos that must then be manually downloaded to a back up source. My intent was to show how this device could be used in this real world application successfully to save time and money.

When I got the product I did find one thing wrong right from the start. One of the power supply pins was not plugged into the connector. It is a 3 pin connector, It was the positive lead from the battery that came loose. The ground went to the center pin but I wasn’t sure witch pin the v+ went to. So I did some digging and found that it really doesn’t matter, one goes to a 5v regulator and the other is designed for a 3.3v input. You can actually hook it to either one and it will work fine. Here is a picture of how it looked when I got it.

Power pin pulled out

Eventually I managed to break both pins so I used another connector I had laying around.

I was able to get it powered up with my connector and proceeded to play around. The first thing that I tried to do was download some pictures from my Kodak Ezshare Z740 to a U3 drive. For some reason the board would never enumerate the camera so it wouldn’t work. Next I tried to duplicate another flash drive I had laying around. Here is a video of the copy sequence in action.


However… All it did was create a directory on the destination drive. It didn’t copy any photos or files. I am sure at this point I am doing something wrong and need to do more research. I will follow up with an update when I have this worked out.