Rear Valance Repair

I really had a surprise with this lower valance. I thought it had just been hit and pushed in but when I cut it out, I found that it had been badly damaged and someone had just piled on some filler and smoothed it out. The valance was actually badly wrinkled. So I bought a Planishing Hammer at Harbor Freight and after some practice on some scrap, went to work on the mangled valance. I must say, I was very pleased with the outcome.

Before, lower valance pushed in.

Before, lower valance appeared to be pushed in

Cutting out the lower valance

Damaged valance

Planishing hammer from Harbor Freight

Another picture of how mangled it was

Some after pictures to come…

Above was after metal working and tacking back in place.

Below is after finish welding and first skim coat of filler.

Below is a video after first skim coat